TRICOFLEX Water hose

PVC Water hose

The multi-layer design, made of an exclusive woven fibre and a double core layer, ensures that TRICOFLEX® is highly flexible for easy handling, with excellent resistance to repeated bending, crushing and pulling as well as minor deformation under pressure.
In addition, the lining is extremely smooth, thereby maintaining even flow. Especially thick and made of high quality materials, TRICOFLEX® offers remarkable aging resistance with exceptional preservation of flexibility. Its exterior yellow PVC covering gives it good protection against abrasion and UV.

Cover PVC
Tube PVC
Material inlay Textile
Number of reinforcement 1
Colour cover Yellow
Colour tube Black
Min. temperature -15 °C
Max. temperature +60 °C
Minimum purchase quantity is 1 flow meter!

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Product number Product Inner diameter (mm) Outer diameter (mm) Working pressure (bar) Burst pressure (bar) Bending radius (mm) Length (m)
117151 TRICOFLEX Water hose 12,5 17,6 10 25 125 50 Send request
051546 TRICOFLEX Water hose 19 25 9 23 180 50 Send request
048374 TRICOFLEX Water hose 25 32,3 8 20 240 50 Send request
Product TRICOFLEX Water hose
Inner diameter 12,5 mm
Outer diameter 17,6 mm
Working pressure 10 bar
Burst pressure 25 bar
Bending radius 125 mm
Length 50 m
Send request
Product TRICOFLEX Water hose
Inner diameter 19 mm
Outer diameter 25 mm
Working pressure 9 bar
Burst pressure 23 bar
Bending radius 180 mm
Length 50 m
Send request
Product TRICOFLEX Water hose
Inner diameter 25 mm
Outer diameter 32,3 mm
Working pressure 8 bar
Burst pressure 20 bar
Bending radius 240 mm
Length 50 m
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