CLEANWASH Food and beverage hose

Food grade PVC washing hose

Flexible hose made for the food and beverage industrie made with a vinyle compound. Tube and cover are smooth to enhance passage of fluids and ensures that the hose is easy to clean and can be sterilized. Cleanwash is designed for the food and beverage industry for the delivery of hot water and solutions against high pressure. The hose is phthalate free.

Cover PVC
Tube PVC
Material inlay Polyester
Number of reinforcement 2
Colour cover Blue
Colour tube White
Norm EN 10/2011 Cat A, B, C
Min. temperature -10 °C
Max. temperature +70 °C
Minimum purchase quantity is 1 flow meter!

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Product number Product Inner diameter (mm) Outer diameter (mm) Working pressure (bar) Burst pressure (bar) Bending radius (mm) Length (m) Weight (kg/m)
26300012 CLEANWASH Food and beverage hose 12 22 80 240 120 100 0,37 Send request
Product CLEANWASH Food and beverage hose
Inner diameter 12 mm
Outer diameter 22 mm
Working pressure 80 bar
Burst pressure 240 bar
Bending radius 120 mm
Length 100 m
Weight 0,37 kg/m
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